Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lady Rose's Company

Lady Rose has invited three of her dearest friends to stay at the estate with her while her father travels to America with the possibility of buying property there. The lady insists she has not seen her friends in the longest of times, however, the woman exagerates. It must have been a couple weeks in seeing Miss Blitherings, for she was in our area for a wedding towards the end of July. And the other two ladies came up around that time as well, with another visit by Miss --- recieved not even a week ago. Lady Rose has been so in a tizzy over their anticitpated arrival as she watched over all servants' attempts to prepare the manor. But now even I think she is satisfied. She informed today that after a talk with her father, he has agreed to let all four girls stay in the parsonage for a year, if they so desire it. It is most unheard of. It does not surprise however that at the lady's requst, he could not refuse. So after the women arrive, many of the servants will be at work preparing the smaller, much more humble building.
I asked my lady what possessed her to want to live in such a place when she had the manor. She simply replied, "Oh Jess. I don't imagine you could understand. But we feel each other's company will be enough. In addition, I am so tired of the vastness that has been my home. I long for something new, that I can call my own. I don't want to be under the reign of my father, though he is kind and gracious. I am a woman now, and long to answer only to myself. (will there not be another man in your life, my lady?) If I desire the company of someone, I shall invite them for tea without the need to ask if it is alright. I don't want my father underfoot any longer. I do love him and wish to stay close. But surely you can understand now. And now dear Jess, I would like to ask you if you and no other servant will accompany us in our time at the parsonage. Will you dear?" (This of course was not a question. I was my lady's maid and as such, her bidding was my will.) So after a short stay in a place I have actually come to cosider home for quite some time now, I shall be off to the parsonage. Change is inevitably forthcoming.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

worn too thin

Lady Rose has been, I'm afraid, ill for one month. Though the lady has more energy now than in the early stages of her illness, she still coughs far more than her father would like. The doctor was called for three times, and he had her taking all sorts of bottled things. So she has been confined to her bed for the most part, save for the times she slips out for a walk in the garden. She tries to be cheery, but she has admitted to me that it is hard not to feel melancholy when the weather is so fine and she is stuck in her room, which she assures me is getting smaller by the day.
The lady became ill on returning home from the one and one half months she spent at Sir Corbin's estate in the mountains. She had to travel very far, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself and was quite pleased with the other guests he invited. I write as she sleeps, since her father has ordered that she not come to church with him.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A day I thought I'd never see

The Lady has actually completed her art pieces, and they are now hanging in the hall. She insisted on hanging them up herself, which took far longer, since bless her, she didn't etirely know what she was doing. This lead to her spending hours hanging them, which put her in bed fairly late. But at least she was satisfied. If I'd have hung them, she would have said I didn't do it to her liking. The peices are quite nice. A very new style, not like art I've seen before.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

chocolate and the men that catch the Lady's eye

The Lady has been keeping me very busy so I haven't been able to write for awhile. I also haven't been sleeping as much as I'd like to be. It seems that every few minutes I have to yawn. Though my bed isn't nearly as comfortable as the lady's I think I appreciate mine more than she does her's. She sleeps as long as she wants and rarly gets scolded by her father. She is quite spoiled, in my opinion. I suppose that happens a lot with how much money they have and how doting her father is. But I'll be the first to admit there are a good dozen of young women I would never think of working for. So give me the lazy lady everyday and I'll typically be content. Some of the women she associates with are such snoots and the men aren't much better, if not worse. On Friday's eve the Lady attended a ball where she says there was lovely music and dancing. It was a bit too crampt for her taste however. She was accompanied by a young gentleman by the name of Sir Mark Stoll. When she arrived back home she gave me her coat and summed up the evening in these words, "Well Jessie, I'm afraid I know the man no better than before we left. He was conversive enough, though we were placed at different tables, which shows bad taste in the hosts." And I said "Does the Lady think he will call again?" To which she replied "If he does, that will be lovely. But I do not feel a strong inclination to visit him. If we both end up taking summer holiday at Sir Corban's estate, I'm sure we shall have reason enough to get to know one another better then." Then she started walking up the stairs, but turned back after a few steps. "I must say though, he has a sweet smile, and quite remarkable eyes. He also has a good humor to him." She looked down at the stairs and smiled a quiet smile that I wasn't supposed to see, shook the thought from her face, and continued up the stairs.
The next day, the lady requested cheese and chocolate, and of course she recieved it. In my opinion those kind of treats should come after she finishes the numerous writing assignments and art peices she has, since the tutor is to leaving next week.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A note from Sir Daniel Edward

The lady recieved a note from Sir Edward yesturday morning and was quite pleased. She read me what he'd written twice (as if I hadn't gotten the full effect the first time. Lady Rose just give me the letter and I'll read it for myself!), and laughed loudly everytime she read anything remotely funny. After she put the note on her desk she sat down and got paper, pen and ink out to write with."What a clever man he is!" she said. (I've gathered as much, my lady)."Oh, I can hardly write as fun a letter as his. Jessie, have you ever met anyone who makes you smile and laugh so? What shall I say? I don't want to bore him." And with that she gave a thoughtful look and started her attempts at a reply. She spent a good bit of the morning at her desk. Why is it that even when she's at her desk she doesn't do what she's supposed to? I had her tutor asking for her and had to lie, for she wouldn't leave her room until she was satisfied with her letter. She even had a late lunch. After lunch she studied and worked on compiling many of her papers she's written on various works of literature into some kind of bound form, by request of a note her agitated tutor left her. It seems that she will actually finish the project too, seeing as he suggested showing it off at the next party held in the Evans' manor.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

cleaning the manor

Though I am one of the Lady's servants, when she does not have use for me I am assigned to other areas of the house. Today I had some time off while the Lady and her family were off at church so I cleaned the water closet shared by the other servants, because we hardly have the time or energy to clean it during the week when we are to be cleaning up after the Lord and Lady of the house. Come lunch I sat with the other maids in the kitchen and ate and chatted. Then I took a walk to visit a friend who works at another manor not so far from here. I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was lovely to hear how she was. When I returned, I went to the hall to dust the paintings and the parlor and study where the rest of the art is kept. Lord Iver of Evans is quite an art collector. I never quite know what I'm going to find when I go to clean. Well, I'm off to have dinner and spend some time in the library dusting and possibly reading a bit from one of the spy novels the Lord loves so much.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

the Lady's Saturday

The Lady Rose of Evans' Saturday was ruined she claims, by having to sit in her room and study. (Her tutor lectures her daily on her inability to stay on task and finish assignments in a timely manner). She however did very little studying. I was in and out of her room all day, dressing the bed, dressing her (when she finally conceeded to getting out of her nightgown), bringing her bread and honey, making a fire (she complained of the cold), and delivering messages to her from her father and mother. There was precious little time during all that when she was actually at her desk studying. For a young lady of one and twenty, she is very destractible. To be sure, she can be very lovely to chat with, but heavens, one can't talk every time one enters the room with a task needing to be done. There was a small concert the lady attended last evening and she told me she loved it very much. This evening three friends visited and they played cards in the parlor. Afterwards she decided not to join them for their to trip to the theater, as she felt tired, and not in the mood to walk around and mill about, and truth be told I think would have felt guilty for all the fun when she was supposed to be studying.